The Idiot Trinity


When we try to handle things on our own, without God’s guidance, mayhem tends to show up.



“Who’s at home?” I asked, as I looked at Myself.

“Me.” Replied Myself.

“Good, as long as someone’s there to feed the dog.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it. He’s got it under,” Myself started. “Uh oh.”

I followed his eyes, spun around, and my jaw dropped open. There was Me.

“What’s happening guys?” He asked casually. “What are we discussing?”

“What the heck are you doing here?” I shouted. You’re supposed to be at home, watching the dog!”

“Myself decided the dog didn’t need a baby sitter, so I gave the mutt a bowl of water and locked him in the linen closet.” Said Me.

I spun and glared at Myself. “You did what?” I asked.

“Hey, if you left that dog with Me, then he’s as good as dead anyway.” Said Myself.

“Now that’s just down, right rude,” yelled Me. “I thinks I’m very responsible.”

“Actually, I thinks you’re an idiot.” Said Myself.

“You’re both idiots!” I yelled back at Myself.

“Well, there’s really no need to get ugly,” says Me. “I simply wanted someone else to do his job for him.”

“That’s exactly why I told Me to watch the dog.” Myself chided.

“Why on earth would you lock the dog in the closet?” I screamed at Me.

“Because, he was too big to fit in the microwave!” Me yelled back.

“Personally, I would have locked him in the refrigerator.” Myself said to Me. “At least there’s food in there.

I stood between Me and Myself, lost in the chaos of the moment. Looking back and forth, watching my soul argue with my flesh, I came to one simple conclusion: I should have asked God whether or not to buy that dog in the first place.

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