Hey You


Hey you. That’s right; I’m talkin’ to you…lookin’ at the screen. Let me ask you something. If I throw out a random word, will you think about the first thing that comes to mind? I mean, honestly, we’ve got nothing better to do at this hour so humor me. Ready?

Blank Stare Emoji

Man, this is harder than I thought. I’m seriously staring at the screen, trying to think up a doozy. Uhh…okay, here we go:


Ha! That’s awesome! One can go in so many different directions with that one! I’d like to hear (or read, if you will) what the first thought was that came to mind, when you saw the word.

The first time I consciously stared at a cantaloupe as a kid, I didn’t know what I was looking at. It looked like a giant nut. Maybe it was some sort of miniature, soft bowling ball. Some funny lookin’ scrubby, for my dad’s ’68 Charger, maybe? It wasn’t until later on in life, that I discovered its sweet taste; yummy, goodness.

What are your thoughts?

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